Updating Status Makes S2 Medkom Receives More Books Order

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Two books launched by S2 Media and Communication (Medkom) (Photo : Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Last week, UNAIR S2 Media and Communication released two article collection books, Komunikasi Profesional and Media & Politik. About 59 authors from all around Indonesia submitted their articles.

Initially, the team only printed 240 books. Most of them were distributed to authors, academicians, practitioners, campus, also media and communication enthusiasts. The rest was sold and stocked for public sale.

“At first, the books for sale were only a few. But, many people interested in the books. We even had to reprint them,” said the editorial team member, Azza Abidatin Bettaliyah during interview on Saturday, February 13.

The Madurese culture enthusiast said that so far there were dozens of orders. She predicted the orders will increase. Moreover, the books were relatively inexpensive. Rp 70 thousand for Komunikasi Profesional (252 pages) and Rp 90 thousand for Media & Politik (432 pages).

Azza said that there was no special promotion done for the books as the main objective of these books publishing was to enrich references of media and communication.

“If someone wants to buy them, it was merely an excess of these books’ existence and it’s impossible for us to reject people who want to learn from the books,” said Rizma Dewi, from the lay out team.

Rizma believed that her colleagues’ habit to update social media status was also an indirect promotion for the books. Some of her colleagues have updated their status in social media when they got the books and attached a photo.

The photo was shown with a caption like Alhamdulillah, buku kami akhirnya terbit or Mudah-mudahan kenang-kenangan ini bisa bermanfaat di kemudian hari, aamiin. So, from those updates, requests are coming.

“Some people who like the books, inboxed us or sent a private message to my colleagues. They wired some money for the books and we then delivered them. But, because we have to reprint, some of the orders must wait,” she said. (*)

Author : Rio F. Rachman

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