With Overflowing Participants, Dentine to Improve FKG Input Quality

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One of the participants with their supporters (Photo: FKG Public Relations)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Executive Board of UNAIR Faculty of Dentistry (BEM FKG) held Dentistry Intellectual Challenge (Dentine). Annual event which has been held for seven times is a national competition on dentistry basic skills for Senior High School students.

Dentine series of events are held in UNAIR from January 18 to February 21, 2016. Two main events are essay writing and dentistry Olympiad. Special for this year, there are three other events, futsal, basketball and graphic design competition.

The Head of Committee Dentine 2016 Rahmad Rifqi Fahreza (FKG 2013) stated that the objective of the event started in 2009 is to attract senior high school students attention in Indonesia. FKG UNAIR input quality is expected as the event also expects students’ knowledge on dentistry.

Unexpectedly, the number of participants of Dentine 2016 overflowed and exceeded the target of the committee. From 1,200 teams admitted in Dentine 2015 Dentistry Olympiad, now it has reached 2,100 teams for Dentine 2016.

There are 240 teams in essay writing competition. New competition in 2016, graphic design competition was attended by 95 participants, basketball competition was attended by 48 teams and futsal attended by was 16 teams.

The preliminary stages of dentistry Olympiad were held in 18 cities in Indonesia on February 14. The semifinal and National Grand Final will be held on February 20 and 21 2016.

Dentine 2016 drew attention of all civitas academica including the high officials of FKG UNAIR. “I really appreciate BEM FKG. The number of participants at 2000 was itself an achievement similar with BEM FK events. FK only holds Medical Olympiad, Dentine 2016 has succeeded in holding sports competition and graphic design too,” said FKG Dean, Dr. R. Darmawan Setijanto, drg, M.Kes. (*)

Author : FKG Public Relations
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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