DPD-RI Reviews Role with Provincial Government in FH UNAIR

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UNAIR NEWS – Law Center of Regional Representatives Council (DPD RI) held a discussion in UNAIR Faculty of Law on Monday, February 11. The discussion, Merancang Mekanisme Hubungan antara DPD RI dan Pemerintahan Daerah, was a way to collect inputs from studies, views, and opinions from experts and government to be paper policy.

The discussion was from cooperation of DPD RI with Department of Constitutional Law FH UNAIR. It was attended by 14 DPD RI members, representatives from the city or regency government, officials from provincial Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Constitutional and Administrative Law Teacher Association, also students of UNAIR.

In this limited discussion, there were some problems expressed by various parties such as on DPD and provincial government reinforcement, the state budget (APBN) distribution allocated for regional development. Furthermore, DPD RI has to have bigger roles to get acknowledgement from the public.

Haris Nasiroedin, SH.,MH, M.Kn., as the head of East Java Legal Product Establishment Facilitating Sub Division stated that DPD needed to pay attention to their relationship with provincial government.

” Indonesian Regional Representatives Council (DPD RI) needs to review their roles as facilitator, consultant and aggregation,” Haris said.

Meanwhile, Radian Salman as the head of Constitution and Environment Center FH UNAIR discussed about the roles of DPD with other central and regional institutions.

“In constitutional authority, the roles of DPD RI with DPR RI, and DPD with the provincial government in terms of territorial representation were still unresolved,” said Radian who is also the Vice Dean III FH UNAIR.

From the discussion, there were three results formulated. First, reinforce institutional relationship of DPR and the provincial government in the Unitarian State of the Republic of Indonesia’s (NKRI) system.

Second, establish form of relationship mechanism between DPD and provincial government in making bill draft related to regional autonomy, relationship of the central and regional, establishment and expansion also the merging of areas, other economic resources management also which related to finance balancing from the central and regional.

Third, establish form of relationship mechanism between DPD and provincial government in performing oversight on the implementation of the law on regional autonomy, establishment, expansion and merging areas, the relationship of the central and regional, natural resources management and other economic resources, the state budget implementation, taxes, education and religion.

Author: Ahalla Tsauro
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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