Papuan Students Talk about their Culture

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Stevany, Efraim, and Yando telling their stories in UNAIR Radio. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Three students from Papua were invited in the Cross Culture program of UNAIR Radio on Thursday, February 11. They were Muram Yando (FEB), Efraim Makanuai (FKG),and Stevany Rumbobiar (FK). Papuan youngsters talked about their hometown’s cultures.

In the occasion, some uniqueness of towns was told. Manokwari is famous for the fruit, Jayapura is more famous as it is the capital of the province, Nabire is called Orange Town anad Sorong is rich of oil. Kaimana is popular with its beautiful dusk and Fak-fak as the town of spices.

Efraim talked about the local proposal ceremony which is like a festival. All family members from kids to adults contribute. They take the groom on foot to the bride’s place. During the journey, they sing and dance.

“Kids are involved so that they know their ancestors’ culture,” Efraim said. “Always in the parade were stony plates. If here, usually in the form of rings,” he added.

One other thing they told was special Papuan cooking techniques. It is called Barapen. So the food to cook (meat usually), was trapped with hot stones.

Technically, yando said, leaves are put as layers, then burnt stones are put on them. On them then ingredients or meat is placed on the leaves. On the top layer or the cover, hot stones are put again. “The layers are created in a certain way that it is so tight that the food gets maximum heat. The taste is very delicious,” he said.

Meanwhile, Stevany and her friends are very happy to study at UNAIR. Moreover, the campus was also paying attention to Papuan students. “We feel that UNAIR had extraordinary concern with Papua. As far as we know, not all campus was like this,” Stevany said. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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