FEB UNAIR High Officials Holds Gathering with Teaching Staffs

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High officials and teaching staffs of FEB UNAIR in the gathering in Trawas, Mojokerto (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – There is no distance between the high officials and the staffs. It was clearly seen from a gathering, Softskill Development Program of Teaching Staffs and High Officials of Faculty Economics and Business, held by the faculty for 3 days, February 3-5 2016 in a villa in Trawas, Mojokerto. There were 144 people attending the program.

Dean and Vice Deans, heads of the departments and also the teaching staffs, employees from various units, security guards and car park operator united in many activities in the occasion.

“Togetherness, intimacy and supports from all civitas academica, employees, leaders, lecturers are very important to create conducive work environment for effective learning process,” said the Dean of FEB, Prof. Dian Agustia on the objectives of the program. She also said that it was a part of improving productivity of FEB employees and finally to support UNAIR to reach Top 500 World Class University.

During the program, high officials and employees were together carrying out activities from outbond to sharing session, between the employer and the employees. With many enthusiasts, sharing session was ended in late afternoon .

“We want to know the expectations and problems from the bottom. It is important to know which part was our weakness,” said the Vice Dean III FEB, Nisful Laila. In her opinion,optimism was seen from the teaching staff that in the future, FEB UNAIR will reach for higher target.

Furthermore the alumnus of University of New South Wales said that the teaching staff will feel respected and considered important. However, she added, to make FEB improvements, cooperation with various elements is needed. (*)

Author : Yeano Andhika

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