Attention Strengthens Friendship through the Band

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Attention Band (Photo: Private Documentation)

RADIO UNAIR – Having similar hobbies in music has made a group of youngsters form an acoustic band. Knowing each other since junior high school, they often competed in band festivals. They formed a band during senior high school. Attention was chosen as the name as it represents their hopes to attract attention of music lovers.

There are six members, two vocals, Hana ramiza and Taufan Adi (FH UNAIR), two guitarists, Abdul Rozak Mahbub (FISIP UNAIR) and Edgar Johan (UBAYA), one bassist Handika Putra Wijaya (FEB UNAIR), and one cajon player Adie Bagas (UWK Surabaya).

Acoustic form was chosen because it is easily to play during practice. “If acoustic, the practice can be cheaper and can be done in friends’ houses,” Bagas said.

The songs the usually play are pop songs, especially the ones popular right now. The members of Attention have quality musical skills as they have had achievements in band festivals in Surabaya. (*)

Author: Afifah Nurrosyidah/Radio UNAIR
Editor: Iwan Iwe

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