Undergraduate Students Represent UNAIR in International Nursing Event

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(From the left) Ferry Efendi, Ns., MSc,, Nusrotud Diana, Ni Kadek Dwi Kristiani, and Lukman Handoyo in The second Asian Congress in Nursing Education (ACINE). (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Three students from UNAIR Faculty of Nursing have succeeded in abstracts selection in The second Asian Congress in Nursing Education (ACINE). The international nursing event was held in National Cheng Kung University Tainan, Taiwan. Three students attended the event held from January 26 to January 29, 2016 were Nusrotud Diana, Lukman Handoyo, and Ni Kadek Dwi Kristiani.

Three students admitted in 2013 presented their research PjBL (Project Based Learning) as a Learning Innovation to Increase Sense of Community and Professionalism. During interview with UNAIR NEWS in the editorial room, Nusrotud Diana said that she sent her team’s abstract based on her friend information. Furthermore, self-presented research was a learning innovation in UNAIR Faculty of Nursing curriculum.

“So our research was based on our subject in the fifth semester, PJBL applied in the community, it was done in order to improve sensitivity towards the community and professionalism of nurses,” he said.

In the same occasion, Ni Kadek Dwi Kristiani also explained that it was attended by almost 600 participants from 15 countries, most of them were academicians, clinic practitioners, professors, students of master and doctoral program.

“We were the only undergraduate students in the conference, many people puzzled how we could be there,” she said proudly.

The three students appreciated by many participants also met UNAIR Faculty of Nursing lecturer who was studying in the university ranked 224th in the world and 36 in Asia from the QS version in 2015.

“We also met our lecturer Ferry Efendi, Ns., MSc, he is now still learning there and at that time he was participating too in the congress,” Kadek said.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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