Two Supreme Students Behind Airlangga Hymn

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Authentic text of Airlangga Hymn (Source : Book of 50 Tahun Universitas Airlangga)

UNAIR NEWS – Abdoes Saleh and R. Bahrawi Wongsokoesoemo. When their names are heard, mostly UNAIR academicians would be clueless of them. Their achievement for UNAIR is remarkable. They were awarded as ‘Putera Utama Universitas Airlangga’ (Universitas Airlangga Supreme Students) by the first rector, Prof. Mr. AG Pringgodigdo.

They were the composers of Airlangga Hymn. Abdoes Saleh arranged the melody and wrote the hymn lyric and Bahrawi was the one who wrote the opening lyric. Airlangga Hymn itself is a sacred song which students of Airlangga must know. This song is always played during freshmen inauguration and graduation, welcoming them to the campus and also taking them to serve the nation.

During its composing, both of them were still Faculty of Medicine students. But their position did not stop them from making history, showing their love to the alma mater as inscribed in the lyric and the melody of the hymn.

It was reasonable then as Panitya Pantjawarsa proposed their awarding as ‘Putera Utama Universitas Airlangga’. It was clearly seen in Universitas Airlangga President Citation (President was used instead of Rector at that time) dated November 10, 1959 or in the fifth anniversary. In the letter, the title was a form of acknowledgement and reward of their service in composing Airlangga Hymn.

From the lyric of Airlangga Hymn, we can see how proud and how big their love to UNAIR. They must have expected all UNAIR students to feel that way.

Opening Lyric
Di Timur Jawa Dwipa
Megah Engkau Bertahta
Ksatria Airlangga
Kusuma Negara
Dari Engkau Kudapat
Budaya Pusaka
Airlangga Dikau Permata
Indonesia Raya

Hymn Lyric
Bagimu Almamater
Kuberjanji Setia
Berdharma Bakti Suci
Berjasa Mulia
Belajar Untuk Nusa
Indonesia yang Kucinta
Airlangga Engkau Hiduplah
Airlangga Tetap Kau Jaya

Author : Yeano Andhika

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