UNAIR Improves Academic Reputation through TOT Pekerti-AA

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Prof. Djoko Agus Purwanto, Apt., M.Si., presenting his material in TOT Pekerti – AA (Photo: LP3UA Documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR has put in constant effort to reach Top World Class University. Improvements can be seen from various sectors. One of them is improvement on educational quality. Assisted by Institute of Educational Assessment and Development Universitas Airlangga (LP3UA), educational quality was improved by conducting Training of Trainer (TOT) Instructional Techniques and Basic Skill Improvement Program (PEKERTI) – Applied Approach (AA). It was attended by 45 teaching staffs from all faculties in UNAIR.

Being interviewed in his room, Prof. Djoko Agus Purwanto, Apt., M.Si. as the head of LP3UA explained the training importance. From January 26 to January 28,various materials such as TOT development and strategy, curriculum and evaluation development, GBPP formulation, SAP and teaching contract and also material and test production were given to the participants.

“All of those materials were given to improve academic reputation, because 40% of assessment was regarding this matter. That is our target to bring UNAIR to Top 500 World Class University,” he said.

The professor from Faculty of Pharmacy also said the training was to produce trained staff to give training in their own faculties. Moreover, request from other campuses than UNAIR can also be facilitated.

“We hoped that the staffs trained can expand the knowledge in their own faculties or even to facilitate requests from other campuses such as UPN, Kopertis, AAL and others which need PEKERTI-AA training,” he said.

Djoko hoped that through the training, the learning process will be standardized. Thus, two criteria of academic reputation assessment, well-developed curriculum and learning process can be achieved. He also said that the technology should be used to support the program. Later on, all lecturers will upload their materials such as lecturing contracts, power point presentations, and references for each subject of lecture they give. The system will ease the students to get materials and references. The lecturers will give lectures and tasks easily as the students have learned the materials in advance.

“It is an era of Informatics Technology, data sophistication should work. I expect all PPT slides, lecturing contracts, references available in the cyber world,” he said.(*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor : Inda Karsunawati

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