Lawmaker: Great Campus should be High Profile

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Teguh Juwarno (third from the right) leading the lawmakers group during a visit to UNAIR. (Photo:UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) is the biggest campus in eastern part of Indonesia. The university has been established shince 1954. The academicians, alumni, and students of UNAIR have contributed a lot for the nation.

It was stated by the head of Special Inquiry Committee on Pelindo II, Ir H. Teguh Juwarno, during he and his group visit to UNAIR Management Office last Tuesday, February 1. The politician from National Mandate Party (PAN) arrived at UNAIR with five colleagues, Ir. H. Irmadi Lubis (PDI of Struggle), Dwi Aroem Hidayatie S.Kom (Golkar Party), Wahyu Sanjaya SE (Democratic Party), H. Nasril Bahar SE (PAN), and Irma Suryani (Nasdem).

Their visit was to take counsel with UNAIR experts. Before the main session was started, Teguh stated his impression of the campus. “I have had many experiences with UNAIR especially when I was a staff in Ministry of Education and Culture. We discussed about Educational Hospital with the experts of this university,” said the man who used to be a television journalist.

He could see UNAIR’s academician great potentials. He evaluated that generally, UNAIR’s researchers and lecturers have above average capabilities. “But we must admit that they need stimulation to appear publicly in mass media. They prefer to be low profile while it is okay for them to be high profile with their great qualities,” Teguh said. “Furthermore, the current public relations chief (the Head of Informations and Public Relations Center, Suko Widodo) is the former advisor of Republik Mimpi (a program on Metro TV), “ he said while giggling.

Teguh believed that UNAIR’s public communication aspect needs serious attention as it relates to the campus image and branding. In his opinion, appearing in media is not always about showing our narcissism side. Advises and opinions in mass media are often useful to the society.

Meanwhile, Suko Widodo said that his division is currently conducting optimization regarding public communication. “But of coure, PIH has to work in synergy with other elements in the campus. I have planned a program to strengthen public communication of UNAIR, internally and externally,” said the FISIP lecturer. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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