Dental Entrepreneurship Needed to Compete in Challenging Future

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Misbahul Huda (left) speaking before FKG students (Photo: Unair News)

UNAIR NEWSRevolusi Mental Dental Entrepreneurship training was held by UNAIR Faculty of Dentistry(FKG) on Wednesday, February 3. Students crowded Classroom A enthusiastically. Three speakers shared their experiences and their views on the importance of mental revolution and transformation. The speakers were FKG Dean Dr. R. Darmawan Setijanto, drg, M. Kes, Ir. Misbahul Huda, MBA, and Didik Madani, S. Sos., M.Med.Kom.

In general, they highlighted various future challenges. Thus, creativity is needed to face the new era. Darmawan talked about Best Practices for Dental Entrepreneur.

He said that dentists should not be content with opening practices at home or in a clinic. Creativity is needed to start a vast and strong networking business. The ability to see opportunity is indispensable. There should be a perspective change so our knowledge will be vast.

“The keys are integrity, professionalism, and entrepreneurship,” he said.
Misbahul Huda shared his spiritual experience. He talked about Spiritual-based Entrepreneurship. He said that spirituality is indispensable. An individual can be rich mentally, mature emotionally but without spirituality, life is nothing. Anxiety will always be with him.

“Being close with God will strengthen us in optimism for future challenges. Remember, in MEA, housemaids can come from other countries let alone dentists,” said the successful man on national printing business.

He also reminded the students to always introspect. To keep ask themselves if they bring benefits or be useful to others. If they are, they should be useful for the wider society.

Most important thing is, do not limit yourself. Human is made unlimited without mental block. “Smart and rich are compulsory. Success achieved independently during youth. All students have extraordinary potentials. Creativity should be found,” he said.

The last speaker was Didik Madani. He talked about Attractive Self for Dental. In principle, everyone has unlimited potential and it can be developed. Do not ever feel inferior than others. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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