Pelindo Needs Single Billing for Good Governance

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Discussion of DPR Special Committee with UNAIR experts. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – During DPR Special Committee on Pelindo II working visit at UNAIR, some experts from FEB, FISIP and FH offered their counsels. They gave some advices to DPR Special Committee which hopefully could gave new insights for the lawmakers especially regarding the problem of Pelindo II. As we all know, Pelindo II is having some legal issues regarding crane procurement and also dwelling time issue.

In this occasion, an academician from FEB Prof Dr Djoko Mursinto SE M.Ec stated that the problem of Pelindo II technically also happened in other Pelindo. Procurement, dwelling time, loading and unloading, moorage, scout ship, trailer queue and other issues happened at every ports. It is a complex phenomenon. “But, right now, Pelindo II is the one in the spotlight. So, if we like we can observe the other Pelindo,” he said.

Dr. Mas Rahma, legal expert on corporation, agreed on this statement. She said that Pelindo needed integrated good governance based on the law. So all elements in shipping and other related activities will only have one source of management which is transparent and integrated. “For example, we should have single billing system. But in reality, there are still many payment points in the ports. This fact is deemed poor management,” she said.

In the same occasion, a lecturer from FISIP International Relations program, Sartika Soesilowati, Dra.,MA., Ph.D. stated that an excellent state owned enterprise (BUMN) must have standards for its fundamental elements. “Pelindo and BUMN in Indonesia have to be efficient, profitable and just. If they lack one of them or have problem in with them, then it is inappropriate,” she said.

Legal expert Suparto Wijoyo challenges the lawmakers to show firmness regarding all BUMN problems. All BUMN should be put in the spotlight. She also encouraged them to conduct a review on working contracts related to other countries or parties. “We need to review all Indonesia’s working contracts so that they truly give benefits to the wider society,” said the ecological legal expert.

Prof Tjuk Kasturi Sukiadi highlighted the importance of independent commissioners in every BUMN. If the commissioners are from public officials or outsiders emotionally, do not expect dedication for the people. “Commissioners that I meant, should have been chosen based on transparent and accountable fit and proper test. If not, they will not work in the name of the people but in the name of certain official instead. In essence, BUMN belongs to the people,” said the FEB lecturer. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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