KH. Abdurrahman Navis: Staff Should Work With The Prophet Characteristics, STAF

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A religious leader, KH. Abdurrahman Navis, Lc, MHI (right) during his sermon in UNAIR. ( Photo: Inda Karsunawati)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR monthly religious gathering has invited KH. Abdurrahman Navis, Lc, MHI. It was held in Garuda Mukti Hall, Management office building on Thursday, January 28. The theme was “Motivating Employees In Worships and Works Through New Years’ Moment”.

“The meaning of new year is better faith, performance and achievements. As what Ali the Caliph said: Whoever had a same day as yesterday, they would be at a loss. Whoever had a worse day then yesterday, woe would betide them and whoever had a better day than yesterday, they would be fortunate,” said the man from provincial MUI to start his sermon.

In front of hundreds of UNAIR employees, the alumnus of Riyadh University reminded us to always look up in worships and look down in terms of wealth. In worships, we should look at somebody who is better than us and it would motivate us to do better and prevent us from being arrogant. In terms of wealth, we must look down to prevent us from being greedy.

For people with faith, they believe their existence was merely to worship Allah, as stated in the Qur’an, Surah Adh Dhariyat verse 56. “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.”

The way to worship is in many forms. There are four kinds of worship, qauliyah (with utterance), fi’liyah (with deed), maliyah (with wealth), and imsakiyah (with self-restraint). All things should be intended as the way of worships. Working is also a way of worshipping God if it is intended to and it does not go against the God’s rules.

Ustad Navis stated, the best motive to work is sincerity because God, and God will reward. “Allah gives rewards in three ways. First, it comes from our jobs. Second, bonuses for anyone who feels grateful and the last is from the unexpected way, “ Navis said.

To work optimally, Ustad Navis said that UNAIR staff should possess STAF, The Prophet characteristics, Shiddiq (Just), Tabligh (Convey), Amanah (Can be Trusted), Fathonah (Smart). Work well, be responsible and be innovative will bring you to optimal performance.
“Staff should be brave to present innovation to the boss, it is also to accelerate improvement.” Navis said. (*)

Author : Inda Karsunawati
Editor : Bambang Bes

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