Donations Towards UNAIR Mosque Building Keeps Flowing

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Alumni giving some donations towards the building of UNAIR Mosque Campus C. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – The employees of Universitas Airlangga voluntarily donate some of their salary to the committee of UNAIR Mosque Asma’ul Husna building in Campus C, Mulyorejo. The donations made for January 2016 was Rp 10,813,000 for a month. They will continue to give donations for the next six months.

Agus Haviludin, Financial Staff UNAIR , said that the money was from 105 employees, including non civil servant employee. They filled in a form stating they are willing to have their salary deducted for donations. It is voluntary, the range of donations is from Rp 50,000 to Rp 250,000 and even more.

“But for the non civil servants they gave the money in cash in the beginning of the month and then the collected money will be wired to the committee’s bank account,” Agus Haviludin said to UNAIR NEWS.

This kind of donations, according to Agus, has been a tradition for a long time. But before the mosque, the fund was donated to an orphanage in Surabaya. The employees themselves requested to channel the fund temporarily for the mosque’s building. Thus, UNAIR contacted the orphanage and they could understand.

“If the mosque’s building finishes, the fund will be given to the orphanage again,” Agus added. He believes the sum of money will keep increasing every month because there are a lot of employees prefer donating directly to the donation boxes. As we know, the construction of the three-story-mosque has not finished yet but the ground floor is done and well-tiled. It has been used for Friday prayers. Even during holiday and there are no classes, the mosque is always full of people during Friday prayers.

“Last Friday there were still six rows of prayers,” Drs. Musa, the head of UNAIR Mushala said.
As reported recently, there were many alumni of the university giving donations. They collected the fund from their own batch. The committee has received donations in forms of jewelleries and a car. The committee has also received Rp 1,624,573,085 in donations from seven donators, UNAIR alumni living in Jakarta, FE ’87 alumni, FE ’73 alumni, PT Kelola Mina Laut (Gresik) CSR program, Faculty of Law’s Alumni Assosiation (IKA), FE ’85 (donated twice), UNAIR alumni work in Bank Mandiri, UNAIR Avian Influenza-Zoonosis Research Center (AIRC) or BSL3 BSL3(Bio Safety Level-3)management, IKA Pharmacy , also from the national businessman Chairul Tanjung.

Donations can be wired to the UNAIR Mosque Building Committee Campus C Surabaya accounts, Bank Mandiri account number: 142.0031122012 or Bank Mandiri Syariah KK UNAIR account number: 7076288504. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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