GIYOMI.ID, Started as Resellers to be Trendsetters

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Meldy and Nadia, owners of Giyomi.ID (Photo: Special)

RADIO UNAIR – Guts is the first modal to be a businessman. There is no age limit to start a business. All you need is determination and guts to start it. Especially in youth, someone can hone their creativity and innovation to be an entrepreneur.

Meldy, an alumnus of UNAIR Faculty of Law and her sister, Nadia, vocational faculty student are very young to start their entrepreneurship. Started as resellers of mobile phone case and clothes from suppliers, now they have their own fashion brand called GIYOMI.ID.

At first, they never thought of starting their own brand. But looking at the opportunity, they decided to try. Fashion was chosen because clothes are things people mainly look for.

Furthermore, as a student, they also see that students like wearing shirts to campus or other formal occasions. With their mother’s support, they market their products by word of mouth promotion, join a bazaar event and published them on Instagram.

At this moment, they focused on shirts. Many people are interested, so they produce in large quantity.

GIYOMI.ID do not only produce shirts, but there also blouses, jogger pants, and skirts. Most of their customers are female. GIYOMI.ID brand has been known well as they have about 50 thousands followers. Some celebrities are endorsed by them. Moreover, GIYOMI ID also has offline store which is crowded with customers every day on Jalan Kertajaya. (*)

Author: Faridah Hari

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