First Batch Anthropology Alumni Reunites

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UNAIR NEWS – Thirty years is not a short time but intimacy and togetherness of Anthropology FISIP UNAIR has stood the test of time. The intimacy was printed deeply since they were students in 1985. They were the first ever batch of study program started Dr. drg. A. Adi Sukadana (deceased). FISIP 38th anniversary and 30 years of Anthropology Department became the spirit for this reunion.

”Meeting in person is important and must bring happiness,” M. Chilmi said, trusted as the leader of Anthropology 1985.

Social media and messaging service have connected them from afar. “We already talked a lot in our Facebook and Whatsapp group Antro 85, but nothing is like meeting in person,”Miraningtyas the office staff KB Adm office East Jakarta.

”I’m happy that you guys can gather again, even though I can’t join you guys,” Billy Prasetyo said who is now active in health sector and lives in Dallas, United States.

Closeness was the adhesive. The people were not all there but their longing and memories when they had been students was brought back in a small gathering in Resto pondok Khas Jenggolo, Surabaya on September 28, 2015. It was not the first reunion, but still, reunion with long lost friend was always been expected and longed for.

The past experience was an interesting chat subject. With snacks served, they told their stories on how Pak Adi, Pak Josef Glinka, Pak Dyson, Bu Sanituti, Bu Pinky, Pak Budi, Pak Dede, Pak Naya, Bu Retno, met each other with all their characters.

“How we knew field study, learned pre-historic human trail, opened book exam, fell in love at college, all are brought back through words. It was so fun at that time,” Setia Pranata, researcher in ministry of Health research center, said.

The unforgettable story was Mopping water tragedy…(laughing),” said Slamet Rustaria, the head of East Java BPD in Pare, while pointing his friend, Herman, an educator. The tragedy was when Herman wanted to drink softdrink but it was mopping water. They were having a field study on Religious Anthropology in Tengger, Bromo. When the tragedy was told again, they got noisier, replied each other, so fun.

Thirty years is not a short time. Where do they work? The alumni were active in many kinds of profession across Indonesia even abroad. They became educator, businessman, civil servant, public relations, marketing, researcher, and health, urban and legal counselors. (*)

Author: Onny Yoeliyana
Editor: Bambang Bes

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