UNAIR Holds National Law Competition

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UNAIR NEWS – Airlangga Law Competition (ALC) 2016 has been successfully held from January 15 – 17 2016. Series of events have been done in UNAIR Faculty of Law Bulding A, B and C. They included national law debate competition, and national scientific writing competition. ALC is students’ medium of their concern to bring back values and awareness of law in the society, through the young generation’s thoughts especially students.

Fourteen universities from across Indonesia competed to win Prof. Kuntjoro debate trophy and ten universities competed for Constitutional and Administrative Law Teachers Association trophy. ALC 2016 success was achieved with supports of the Executive Students Council (BEM FH UNAIR) and Semi Ortonom Board (BSO) Airlangga Young Jurist Community (MYMA) of UNAIR.
Other than competitions, there was a seminar titled Adjusting System of Democracy in Globalization Era in Indonesia. The seminar was with four speakers Drs. Priyatmoko, M.A, Dr. Harjono, S.H., MCL, Dr. Himawan Estu Bagijo, S.H., M.H., and Dr. Herlambang P.W. S.H.,M.A. It discussed about problems of democracy in current Indonesian legal system.

Virga Dwi Efendi as the head of ALC 2016 committee stated his satisfaction on the event success. “I am proud and moved for this first event which ran very well. The enthusiasm of students from many universities was also overwhelming. We hoped MYMA can hold the next ALC in future years,” Virga said.

Novta Rizky, a student from Universitas Brawijaya Malang stated her gratitude to ALC committee. “Thank you for the experience and facilities given to our delegation, it’s for the competent committee and also a lesson for us so that we can hold an event as good as ALC,” Novta said.

ALC 2016 also invited UNAIR choir team which presented 7 songs. One of them was Rek Ayo Rek beautifully packaged in East Java style. ALC also invited UNAIR theatre team Mata Angin which presented a play titled Prabu Airlangga.

ALC was closed with announcement on debate and scientific writing winners. For debate competition, 1st place was Universitas Hasanuddin, 2nd place was Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and 3rd place was Universitas Indonesia. While the 1st place of scientific writing competition was Team A of Universitas Brawijaya, 2nd place was Universitas Diponegoro and 3rd place was Team B of Universitas Brawijaya. (*)
Author: Aulia Intani
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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