UNAIR Representative Wins Best Paper in Asia Pacific

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Bambang Tjahyadi (second from the right) receiving the prize. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – East Java industries and manufactures have fluctuating performance. In fact, East Java industrial sector contributes largely on Indonesian GTP. But if its performance goes up and down when we face tight competition in ASEAN Economic Community (MEA), it will affect us badly.

That was the reason behind the research of Prof. Dr. Bambang Tjahjadi, CPM, CMA, Ca., Dr. Noor Lailie Soewarno, CMA, Ca., and Dr. Hariati, CA. They conducted a research titled Innovation Strategy Financial Performance Relationship: The Rule of Human Capital Management Accounting Information and Internal Process Performance as Madiating Variables.

The objective of the research was to know the performance trigger so that it will not fluctuate and the industrial sector can survive in global competition. Research paper themed Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting was presented in Call for Papers: Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association Conference 2015 from October 26-28 in Bali and it was awarded as the best paper out of 130 papers from 20 countries across Asia Pacific. The International conference was closed on October 29 by Department General Secretary of Ministry of Research and Technology –Higher Education, Professor Ainun Na’im.

Bambang and his team who came from different university in Surabaya conducted research on things triggering organizational finance performance. One of the triggers was innovative strategy, management accounting, information system, and internal process performance. If a company wants its performance sustainable, they have to manage and possess innovative strategy, competent human resources, excellent management information system, and effective process. Then we can say the company or the organization is sustainable.

Corporate sustainability focused on the environment. One of distressing issues, not only in Indonesia but also in the world, is fog disaster. It inflicted great financial loss and damaging. That kind of things is discussed by environmental management accounting which especially calculates environmental effects.

“Environmental effect such as fog is the issue and is being discussed about globally, and it is being developed. Companies should not only think of profits but should also pay attention environmental preservation issues. Do not burn the forest only to pursue profit efficiently,” said Bambang during interview on Friday, October 30.

Bambang hoped Indonesian companies will pay more attention to surrounding environmental condition, so fog disaster which keeps happening will not happen again. The burning will not only harm people but can also inflict financial loss for the companies.

Interviewed in ABC FEB room, Bambang said that it was an honor to be Indonesian representative, as well as for UNAIR, to compete with universities from other countries.
“I am glad I could bring UNAIR flag and introduce the campus globally. UNAIR researchers are capable, but sometimes they do not have the time and chance to compete internationally,” he said.

According to Bambang, UNAIR can compete with others at international level. But its spirit and determination need to be improved. Best paper in Asia Pasific from Universitas Airlangga representative hopefully motivates other Airlangga scholars to rise the flag not only at national level but also at international level. (*)

Author: Lovita Marta Fabella Cendana
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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