What You Should Do When Your Thesis Finished?

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UNAIR NEWS – Undergraduate thesis is a final task of a student of S1 degree. To be graduated, a student is compulsory to write a thesis. Most students think that after the thesis exam, no more things should be done. That way of thinking is wrong!
There are still many things you need to do after the exam is done. Here are some things need to be done after the thesis.

1. Revise and meet supervising and examining lecturers
Thesis draft we presented in the exam is not perfect. Thus after the exam, revisions are expected. We will go and meet the lecturers again. Then we will get approvals from them. So after the exam, we still have to formulate ideas to revise the thesis. Do not be happy too soon.

2. Complete administrative requirements
All administrative requirements are often complicated and timewasting. So after the exam, try to complete all administrative requirements right away to avoid delayed graduation process. For example, return borrowed equipments or books from the labs or the library.

3. Buy lecturer a souvenir to show gratitude
The supervising lecturer is the most important figure in finishing your thesis. So as gratitude, we should buy a souvenir for our supervising lecturer. Hopefully we are students who always feel grateful and show gratitudes.

4. Don’t postpone things
It is important for students to finish their thesis as soon as possible, so that we do not have to postpone other things. What are they? They are all three stated above. The slower we do things, the father our graduation from being achieved. (*)

Author: Okky Putri Rahayu
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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