UNAIR Hospital To Receive Patients With HIV/AIDS This March

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Director of UNAIR Hospital Prof. Nasronuddin presenting results of research Prevent Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) HIV/AIDS (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Hospital is ready to receives patients with HIV/AIDS in March 2016. Thus, the hospital will establish HIV/AIDS treatment center. It was stated by the director, Prof. Dr. Nasronuddin. He targeted UNAIR Hospital will have the permit to treat patients with HIV/AIDS (ODHA).

“Next week, we are going to prepare central structure which will perform ARV service. We are going to hold training for medical staff to serve ODHA. In two months, I expect this hospital to be ready to receive HIV/AIDS patients, and to be able to give ARV treatment. Furthermore it is also ready to provide accommodations in UNAIR Special for Infection hospital,” the professor of faculty of medicine said.

To suppress cases of HIV/AIDS transmission from mother to the child, Universitas Airlangga Hospital has cooperated with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to conduct a research on “Prevent Mother to Child Transmission” (PMTCT) HIV/AIDS since last year. The result of the research was presented in front of the heads of Surabaya’s public health centers (Puskesmas) and the representatives of UNICEF, on the eighth floor of UNAIR Hospital, Thursday, January 21.

The research result was presented by the director of UNAIR Hospital Prof. Dr. Nasronudin, dr., Sp.PD-KPTI, FINASIM, accompanied by Nursing Manager of the hospital Purwaningsih, S.Kp., M.Kes. The research of PMTCT programs were conducted in some public health centers in Jagir, Perak Timur, Putat, Sememi and also at dr. Soetomo Hospital.

One of the programs of PMTCT was requiring the pregnant mother to be tested for HIV/AIDS, so that the virus would not be transmitted to the child. Mothers with HIV will get antiretroviral (ARV) treatment to prevent the transmission.

How was PMTCT program conducted in Surabaya? Purwaningsih who is also PMTCT researcher explained that human resources in five public health center were competent as they had been trained for five years and other new cadres should also undergo trainings. Furthermore, human resources were motivated and committed to prevent the transmission from mother to child.

From laboratory service, sometimes the staffs went to the pregnant mothers. They cooperated with private midwives to have them tested for HIV/AIDS.

“But there are many mothers who reject ARV treatments because of the stigma in the society. Most of them are not monitored after they are referred back to puskesmas. There is also a pregnant mother with HIV who doesn’t dare to bring her husband for HIV/AIDS test,” said the former dean of UNAIR Faculty of Nursing.

Husbands of mother with HIV/AIDS also an important part of HIV/AIDS transmission. Prof. Nasron who also conducts tropical disease research said that the lack of awareness and knowledge of the husbands makes them forbid their wives to have HIV/AIDS detection tests. (*)

Author : Okky Putri
Editor: Bambang Bes

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