Religious Arts UKM at Radio UNAIR. (Photo: Radio UNAIR)
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RADIO UNAIR – Spreading faith is identical with public sermons on a stage. But it can be done through various ways. As what Sunan Kalijaga has done long time ago, he spread the faith of Islam through Javanese cultural symbols such as wayang (shadow puppetry), Gamelan (ethnic musical instruments) and Javanese ethnic songs on Islam.

Similar thing is done by Airlangga Religious Arts UKM, new UKM of Universitas Airlangga which uses arts as a way to spread the faith. It is a creative way to facilitate the interests and talents of students on Islamic art forms.

The objective of of this UKM formation is a media of spreading faith and also to familiarize shalawat (chants and praises to the Prophet) in Universitas Airlangga. The Airlangga Religious Arts UKM received its official decree in the beginning of January. Previously, the UKM was only a community consisted of Islamic arts communities from some faculties.

Religious Arts UKM has four divisions, Al banjari, nasyid, MTQ(Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran) and calligraphy. Even though it is still young, the achievements of this Religious Arts UKM are extra-ordinary. Some of the members have been delegated to compete in MTQMN 2015 in University of Indonesia and won the third place in national level.
Here is the interview with the members of Religious Arts UKM on January 19 2016. (faf)

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