Seven Ways To Survive During Delayed Scholarship or Late Parental Provisions

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UNAIR NEWS – There will always be times for students, from out of town or locals, when the face a crisis in the end of the month. Financial crisis of course, when wired fund from parents is late and scholarship is delayed.

When you have this kind of shortage while you have needs, how do you survive it? Here are some tips and experience of some students from UNAIR Faculty of Psychology.

  1. Request the fund transfer in the beginning of the month

Inggrid Wardhani Rahayuningsih, a student originally from Surabaya, prefers fund requested in the beginning of the month.

“So after the payday, I made the request,” she said.

If there are more needs in the middle of the month, she can ask for more money to her parents.

  1. Save money from lunch

For students originally from Surabaya, they usually save money by having lunch at home that in the canteen.

“Now, Rp 10,000 for lunch is often not enough. If we only have Rp 10,000, we may eat inexpensive lunch or eat at home,” Inggrid said.

What about students living in boarding houses? As experienced by Muhammad Hanifa Khairurahman, the head of  Faculty of Psychology Students Executive Board (BEM), he only ate once in a day. But sometimes he had breakfast too. For Hanif, the main problem when he had money shortage was the money spent for food, not the others.

“If possible, the meals were combined, or joined and ate with friends. Better not alone, eat together in a friend’s house,” Hanif said.

  1. Look for extra income

Other than relying money from parents, it is better to look for part-time jobs or join activity which pays, for example join lecturers’ research. Hanif has experienced working as testing participant.

The money can be use to buy things which later can be sold. Find business opportunity, look for something needed by friends. You can also provide service to copy materials. Offer materials or textbook from lecturers to copy and be used for friends’ study.

  1. Borrow money from friends

There is nothing wrong from borrowing money from friends, close friends preferably. “If it is imperative, we can borrow from friends. A form of fast response, when we know the money is late and no savings, borrow from friends,” Inggrid said.

Furthermore, according to Inggrid, when we borrow some money from friends they will understand the situation we are in.

Hanif also has experienced this kind of situation. He only had Rp 100,000 for a week. “Imperatively, I had to borrow from friends. Because if I don’t feel comfortable if I have to tell my parents,” Hanif said.

  1. Be aware to spend less

According to Inggrid, students have to be aware and save money for emergency. For example by saving Rp 20,000 so that we can use it when it is necessary. “We should be aware of our condition and try not to be extravagant and manage the fund well,” Inggrid said.

  1. Eat and pay later / Owe the canteen

“When I was a student, and the scholarship was delayed, I usually ngebon (owe) at a stall in front of the dorm,” Nuri, an alumnus of FIB UNAIR graduated last year, said. Of course, to be trusted, you need to have good relations with neighbours.

  1. Remain calm

In a situation like this, first thing to do is not panicking and calm to find the solutions. Find the solutions from the tips above. (*)

Author: Aldi Syahrul Putra
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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