KMNU Supports UNAIR “Excellence with Morality”

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A visit to Sunan Ampel Shrine in December 2015 (Photo: KMNU Documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Nahdlatul Ulama Students Family (KMNU) is a community established in 2014. The headquarters is at Jojoran Timur Block C/25. Even though it was quite young, the members were about 100 students. The background of KMNU formation was to be a place to maintain ties of NU students in UNAIR.

In its initial formation, KMNU was led by Mochammad Baihaqi Al Chasan, a student from History department from Faculty of Cultural Sciences. The leadership now is in Mohammad Irhason, Sociology 2013 student.

Generally, KMNU wanted to be an Islamic community. Every member was expected to show love and kindness. Moreover, the members should study seriously and achieve their aspirations as a form of responsibility to religious teachings and the servitude to parents. In addition, to give benefits in the environments, especially the campus.

“In principle, UNAIR’s motto Excellence With Morality was similar with the initiative idea to build KMNU. We wanted to be an intellect and religious community. Excellent in academics and well-mannered,” Baihaqi said.

Thus, the program or activity conducted by KMNU must have clear concept which put academic capability and moral value in synergy for example, a discussion on science and technology and also religion. Even an aesthetic art was performed.

“Students must be polite and intellectual. And, rather care for beauties,” Irhason said.

Other than those, KMNU also has many other activities .They are not far from religious activities such as Isra’ Mikraj Sholawat concert, tahlilan, sholawat dhiba, visiting shrines and so on.

“In every gathering or activity, we always remind each other that good students must have excellent mind and achievements. Also, remember to uphold religious teachings. Don’t let it imbalance. We understand, studying is an important role in God’s view,” Irhason said .(*)

Author: Yulis Majidatul Choiriah
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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