Thinking of Living in Women’s Dormitory? Read This!

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The building of UNAIR women’s dormitory in Campus C Surabaya (Photo: Pipin Anjani)

UNAIR NEWS – Women’s dormitory is a facility of UNAIR for active students from out of town. It is located at Campus C, in front of Faculty of Nursing.

The three-story building every year accommodates students which need a place to live. It has many rooms for two people each. In the room there are beds, a desk and a shoe rack.
Public kitchen is for all students to use. The hall is used for studying and praying together. There is a canteen on the second floor, a cooperative, and wifi connection.

Students who want to live in women’s dormitory should register. There are some conditions to fulfil such as being registered as UNAIR student, filling in the form and submitting parents’ salary receipt.

Women’s dormitory prioritizes financially insufficient students. Most of them are students from bidik misi program. It is done because the dorm was originally built to help and be utilized for students in need of help.

Every student can only stay for a year. A student can prolong her stay if she re-register. But maximum stay is two years.

Not only as a place to stay, the dorm is also a place to educate individuals to be discipline and active. It can be seen from the rules applied in the dorm such as at night, all students should be in the dorm before 10 p.m. If they violated the rules, their names would be written in violation book.

The more a student violates , the more difficult she prolongs her stay next year. Besides, their contribution in the dorm’s activity is also considered for next year registration.
Some activities such as softskills seminars evry three months, routine Islamic gathering on Wednesday. All of them mold the character of the students to be discipline and well-mannered individuals. (*)

Author: Pipin Anjani
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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