How to Be Students with Achievements

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UNAIR NEWS – Student with achievements (Mawapres) is a student who succeeds to achieve something academically or non academically with efforts. But in the selection process, students with excellent academic performance are prioritized.

Indeed, to be mawapres is not an easy thing to do. There are some difficult requirements to fulfil. Once we fulfilled them, we would be ready for greatness. There some stages of the selection.

There are two kinds of mawapres: faculty and university. Usually, there is an open recruitment for mawapres in the faculty. And then, the best will compete for university level.

Some things to consider to be a mawapres.

1. Initial Preparation

Draft a paper to be presented. Try best to come up with out of the box topic. It means, a topic which is unique or the first of its kind.

2. Studying Style

Study consistently. It does not have to be by reading books. We can learn from organizations, by working on scientific research or other written works. So, write often and discuss on what the correct and good patterns and format of writing

3. Selection Stage

All students can apply for the selection but they have to meet the requirements. GPA limit is 3.0. They have to be active in organizations and able to write papers. For the process itself, there is a portfolio or written works selection then it is presented in front of judges and lecturers in English. If you are selected as faculty’s mawapres, you will automatically in competition to be the university mawapres.

4. Self-awareness

As a mawapres, we will be the public attention. It means all things we do will be accounted for. We have to be self aware to behave appropriately anytime and anywhere.

5. Honing Skills

A mawapres, should be well-mannered. Speak fluently in public, especially in front of lecturers and judges. Most importantly you must be able to speak English very well. Being nervous is normal, but keep hone your skills to achive best results. (*)

Author: Khansaa K. Najla
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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