Be Active in Organizations, Don’t be “Kupu-Kupu”

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Faris (two from left) when attending a International Workshop in Thailand. He is one of many students, who active in organization (Photo: Faris's Documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Being an active student in organizations will support your career in the future, because in organizations our softskills will be honed. Unfortunately, not many students are eager to be active and improve their softskills. Instead, they are content as students who just go to classes and go home or “Kupu-kupu” (kuliah pulang-kuliah pulang) students.

Student Executive Board (BEM) representative from UNAIR Faculty of Fishery and Marine, Faris Kukuh Harwinda, stated that being active in organizations during college will bring benefits. “In organizations, we learn to solve various problems not only about our academic studies in our classes,” he said. “Besides, it also gives us more chance to know great people,” added the UNAIR LPM Mercusuar staff.

There are some things to consider, your intention. Your intention should be clear, merely do it for God, Nation and Alma mater. Always remember the motive when we do our activities.
Besides, try not to go home right away to your home or boarding house. Positive activities at campus will mold someone character. If laziness comes around, try to remember how your parents provide you since you are a child. “If everything is done with passion, it will be more enjoyable.

Be an excellent student, academically or non-academically. There are many people out there with excellent academic performance, so be different with positive non academic capability by being active in organizations.

Author: Silda Damayanti
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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