UNAIR Hospital Performs Historic Aortic Surgery Using TEVAR Method

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Dr. Tze Tec Chong (the right) giving instruction to dr. Niko (the left), Prof. Puruhito (second from the left) and dr. Yan (with batik cap) during surgery with TEVAR method. (Photo:UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga has made history through Unair Hospital. The Hospital has performed a new method in cardiovascular surgery.The method was  Thoracic Endo-vascular Aortic Repair (TEVAR), a method which was newly developed in medical field for the last five years. The method uses less invasive method because it does not involve open repair to place thoracic stent graft into the aorta (heart blood vessel). Stent or a device to support the expanding aorta placed with a catheter.

The history was made on January 15, when UNAIR Hospital performed TEVAR method for the first time to a patient with aneurysm (aortic blood vessel expansion) named Nurul Aminah (55). The surgery was supervised by TEVAR expert, Dr. Tze Tec Chong, the Head of Vascular Surgery Department of Singapore General Hospital. Dr. Chong was sent by Medtronic, the medical technology company which created the TEVAR device.

Senior thoracic and cardio-vascular surgery specialist of UNAIR,  Prof. Dr. Med. H. Puruhito, Sp.B-TKV, stated that this method have not been popular yet. “Only Jakarta and Bandung which have already used it. So UNAIR is the first in East Indonesia,” Prof Puruhito said.

UNAIR Rector term 2001-2005 also added, with this method the patient would not go through major surgery. It gives many benefits, the treatment will be faster, do not cause a lot of haemorrhages, and reduce the recovery time, only one or two days stay in the hospital.

With TEVAR, the stent graft placement only lasts one or two hours, while with open repair surgery will needs three or four hours. But  Prof. Puruhito stated that TEVAR method is more expensive, around Rp 100 million, while conventional surgery is only Rp 40 – 50 million. As it is expensive, TEVAR is not covered by BPJS (Social Security Agency),” Prof. Puruhito said.

UNAIR Hospital has already had adequate facilities to perform non-invasive thoracic and cardiovascular surgery at Catheter Lab. Unair Hospital also has at least three experts on thoracic and cardiovascular surgery who are adept in using endo-vascular devices, Prof. Puruhito, dr. Yan Efrata Sembiring, Sp.B-TKV (K), and dr. Niko Azhari Hidayat, Sp.B-TKV.

Previously, UNAIR Hospital has handled 5 Endo-vascular Aortic Repair (EVAR), while TEVAR was the first. In the future, UNAIR Hospital will provide treatments for patients who demand TEVAR treatment. (*)

Author: Inda Karsunawati
Editor : Bambang Bes.


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