S1sicoustic, Acoustic Band from Information System UNAIR

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s1siCoustic. (Foto: Twitter @s1siCoustic)

UNAIR NEWS – Playing music can be done anywhere, alone or together with others, just like what the students of Universitas Airlangga do. They often play the guitar and sing along with friends in the faculty canteen. They do that during breaks to kill the time before their next classes. 

Four students of Information System Universitas Airlangga do that. They are Kamil, Ibad, Fiqhi and Iqbal. They just spent their time together with no particular reasons and with similar interests in Music, then they formed their own acoustic band, S1sicoustic. In its early formation, they were only three people without Ibad the vocalist. They only performed in Information System Students community events. 

In 2013, they recruited Ibad as the vocalist. S1sicoustic was overwhelmed with many invitation to perform since then, the events are either in the internal UNAIR or external events.

 S1sicoustic was invited in SAGA program of Radio UNAIR special on January 13, 2016. This is the interview from the Radio UNAIR program with S1sicoustic.

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