FIB Lecturer Wants Manuscript Research Center

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Menachem Ali saat berada di kota Fess, Maroko (Foto: dok. M. Ali)

UNAIR NEWS – Behind his persistence to collect old manuscript and rare books around the world, Menachem Ali have a big dream with East Java manuscript studies. The FIB lecturer deplored that East Java has not had a manuscript research center as it is really needed for phylological research.

“I want to have special place which people can refer to, especially for philological studies. I will provide handwritten manuscripts as a replica of East Java assets,” said the man born as Mochammad Ali.

Moreover, East Java has extraordinary assets of heritage. The man with one child sees East Java as no ordinary land because three periods of Java civilization were centralized in East Java. It can be seen from Javanese literary tradition which was in the manuscripts since the era of Majapahit.

“Serat Pararaton (also known as Book of Kings) was written in East Java. It is about Kediri-Singosari, until at last told by Pramodya Ananta Toer. If Pram did not read the script, he would never be a great man,” he said.

Moreover, based on one of catalogues he owned. Japanese specially recorded the manuscripts in East Java at that time. “Spectacularly, Japanese had made a catalogue which 75% of its content was East Java manuscript. If there had been nothing, it would not have be done,” he said. (*)

Author : Hasan
Editor: Defrina S. Satiti

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