Airlangga Model United Nation Club Learns Diplomacy in Global Level

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AIRMUN Club melakukan kunjungan ke kantor VoA. (foto: Dok. AIRMUN)

UNAIR NEWS – Included in a delegation of diplomacy and negotiation competition in international level would be something to be proud of. But to be at that level, long and hard processes would be needed. One of the processes is starting a community with clear visions.

In Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), there is a community named Airlangga Model United Nation (AIRMUN) club. This community was built on June 27, 2012. Students in AIRMUN club will learn how to be international delegation, to debate and to discuss global issues with UN conference model.

“AIRMUN Club is an organization to unite UNAIR students interested in diplomacy, debates and global issues,” Nadia Hartono, the President of AIRMUN Club, said.

According to Nadia, there are three competitions with UN conference model. They are Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), London International Model United Nations (LIMUN), World Model United Nations (WMUN), and Asia-Pacific Model United Nations (AMUN).

The members of AIRMUN club are 6o members and counting as the enthusiasm of UNAIR students to join and be the delegation in UN model competition is also rising. Other than preparing for the three UN model competitions, the members of AIRMUN club also hold routine meetings to discuss global issues such as Human Rights Issue in Africa known as ‘Weekly Roundtable’.

The next activity is called ‘AIRMUN Club Review’, a form of article publication on foreign policies, international policies, activities carried out by international organization published on AIRMUN Club’s website which will be done in 2015. Those publications were done by AIRMUN Club members with length of article from 600 to 2500 words. (*)

Author: Warta UNAIR
Editor: Defrina S. Satiti

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