Airlangga Equine Club, To Learn About and To Ride Horses

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Peserta terlihat antusias saat stable tour di Emporium Horse Club, Kenjeran, Surabaya. (Foto : UNAIR News)

UNAIR NEWS – Horses are one of hot-blooded mammals with strong muscles. They have the stamina so they are used by humans for their activities, in sports, farming, or other fields which give more values to horses. Thus, experts on horses are needed to handle them.

FKH UNAIR has a community with great enthusiasm on horses. This horse lovers’ community is called Airlangga Equine Club.

Airlangga Equine Club was established on May 8 2015. Community with 22 student members was assisted by senior veterinarians to formulate their organizational structure and programs. The main target of the community was to conduct scientific studies on horses, in medical aspect or athletic.

“We want to be the center of scientific studies on horses, training young doctors on horses in UNAIR, because the veterinarians specialized on horses in East Java are not more than ten. We also want to produce talented equestrians from UNAIR so they can compete at National Sports Competition (PON) and SEA Games,” said Hijrian Widanto, from the public relations division of Airlangga Equine Club FKH UNAIR.

Eagerness to extend their knowledge on horses made the members of the club to apply for internships in the Horse Cavalry Detachment of Indonesian Army (TNI AD). Surprisingly, they met their seniors from FKH UNAIR as veterinarians there.

Once in two weeks, Airlangga Equine Club hold lecturing sessions on horses. They invite senior veterinarian alumni of FKH UNAIR to give lectures on horses’ medical treatments. Lectures on sports is given by the owner of the horse club in Kenjeran.

As horse-riding is also included as sports, the community also trains its members to master horse-riding techniques. Other than learning about the medical and sports, they also learn how to treat or groom horses.   They join the horse club in Kenjeran.

“I have been an intern too. So I know how dehydrated horse look like and how to handle it and its grooming. Other members also already learn about the grooming before and after the ride,” said Bagas Maulana Prapditia Giotama, the Head of Airlangga Equine Club. (*)

Author: Hasan
Editor: Defrina S. Satiti

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