UNAIR Rector Establishes Stem Cells Research Center

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Oath taking in UNAIR officials induction( Photo : UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak, targeted the Stem Research Center must be able to produce something for commercial sale by mid 2016. Consequently, the accounting professor from Faculty of Economy and Business hoped that the researchers will direct their future researches to produce certain output or outcome.

“So, the research results can finally be used by the society. We’ll provide material for therapy for example the cell is for Dr. Soetomo Hospital. They conduct the therapy but we produce the stem cells,” Prof. Nasih explained.

The Head of Scientific Journals and Publications Development Center, Dr. Prihartini Widiyanti, drg., stated some of her plans to achieve the target given by the rector on journal publications. The target of journal publications have been adjusted to each faculty’s capability.

“It was done so that each faculty can accelerate itself, for example by collaborating with researches from other countries. We’ll make it happen to boost the publications. We can also do it from key scientists as they will guide young leacturers who have no experiences on international publications,” said the Head of PPJPI of UNAIR.

The Head of Stem Cells Research and Development Center, Dr. Purwati, dr., Sp.PD., FINASIM, said that her unit has three short term programs to develop the institute. First, she will develop researches center for S1 to S3 degree students. Second, they will produce research products applicable for treatment such as cosmetics. Third, they will establish animal pre clinical trial.

“We will start animal pre clinical trial because there aren’t any institutions with international standards,” dr. Purwati said.

Inducted 52 UNAIR Officials
Rector inducted the head and secretaries of institutes, directors and vice directors of the hospital, and study program coordinators of UNAIR. 52 officials were inducted at Garuda Mukti Hall, Management Office of UNAIR, on Tuesday, January 12. The induction was attended by the Head of Academic Senate, Vice Rector UNAIR, Directors and Head of Institutes, deans of all faculties, and representatives of UNAIR Alumni League (IKA-UA).

Inducted officials consisted of 25 study program coordinators (KPS) in UNAIR Faculty of Medicine, 8 KPS in Postgraduate Programs, and 19 heads, secretaries, and directors of UNAIR institutes and hospital.

In his official address, UNAIR Rector expected the inducted officials to encourage UNAIR civitas academica to contribute more in the society, nationally or internationally. Some of the contributions are to boost international publications indexed at Scopus and to produce graduates with high quality. He also wanted the hospital to be able to sustain itself financially.

During this induction, there are two institutes, which are newly established by UNAIR Rector. They are Profession Certification Institute and Stem Cells Research and Development Center. The Profession Certification Institute is to standardize UNAIR graduates.

“We’d like, in the future, all UNAIR graduates, other than having a diploma, they also have profession or proficiency certificates. In the future, ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) and others will use that certificate. With that certificate, our students’ quality is standardized and competitive globally,”Prof. Nasih said.

“We will do it in stages. We will start with Information Systems (SI) graduates. Other than diplomas, the SI graduates will get the proficiency certificates. That’s what we will push. In Malaysia or America, our graduates will be acknowledged,” added UNAIR Rector. (*)

Author: Defrina S. Satiti
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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