UNAIR Boosts Senior High Students Motivation

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All visiting students posing in front of the Management Office UNAIR (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – The visiting group of SMAN 1 Boyolangu, Tulungagung; SMAN 1 Kauman, Tulungagung; and SMAN 1 Kediri hunted for some information and motivations about UNAIR on Tuesday, January 12. Total visiting students were 379, divided into two sessions in the morning and in the afternoon. Each session acquired information about UNAIR from PIH and Student Admission Centre (PPMB) at Hall 300, Kahuripan Building, Campus C, UNAIR.

“We want to give them insights on higher education in order to make the students understand and get the picture on their future studies. So when they take SNMPTN and SBMPTN selections, they have determined their objectives,” Bambang, a representative from SMAN 1 Kauman said.

Similar with Bambang, Drs. Mulyono Santoso, M. M, as a representative of SMAN 1 Boyolangu, Tulungagung also expressed his hopes so the students can continue study at UNAIR. “I hope in the future our students admitted at UNAIR keep increasing year by year,” Mulyono said.

Okta Dian, a student of XI IPA SMAN 1 Boyolangu stated that she was impressed with her first visit to UNAIR. Not only amazed by the unique campus building, the head of the students’ council at school, also felt the benefits of the visits.

“Before I came here, I don’t know about the university admission, study programs and this activity has helped me a lot to determine my future later, she said.
Mei Rahayu, one of the students with achievements from SMAN 1 Kauman expressed her ambition to study at UNAIR. “I hope I can be admitted here at UNAIR and study Biology in Faculty of Science and Technology (FST). I really like Biological researches,” said the students who has been winners of Karate competition for a few times.

In this occasion, answering the students’ inquiries, Drs. Djoko Adi Prasetyo, M.Si from PPMB stated that there are no differences between regular students and students in acceleration class. UNAIR also do not implement blacklist system. Even though the students have been accepted but failed to register, the school will not be blacklisted.

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Binti Quryatul Masruruoh

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