Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (12/1/16)

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Terapi Chiropractic. (Foto:

Kacung Marijan Writes Novel

Kacung Marijan is one of the professors of Faculty of Social and Political Science Universitas Airlangga. He previously worked as General Director of Culture in Ministry of Education and Culture. After assuming that position, he wrote a novel. The title of the novel was concealed but he said that his novel he was working on was about spionage, love story and so on.

Jawa Pos, Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chiropractic, Rotating Head 45 Degrees Can Cause Stroke Even Death

Nowadays, Indonesian was surprised by chiropractic practices which claimed to be able to fix patients’ backbone injuries. But, there were rumours on chiropractic malpractice to patients in the therapy. As a fact, chiropractic practice is not recommended by medical practitioners, but for patients who need therapies can try physiotherapy. According to dr. Amiril Mu’minin SpBS, FK UNAIR alumnus, some chiropractic treatments involving dangerous head movements, such as rotation, folding, and upturning. Thus, dr. Amiril suggested people with backbone pain go to the hospital instead of go to alternative practices.

Jawa Pos, Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Opinion: Cultural Differences Between Sinetron Depiction and Reality in the Society

Elysa Yuni Rahmawati, a student of Communication Sciences in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Airlangga, said that there are cultural differences in mass media especially in sinetron depictions on TV. Mass media is a means of communicating messages to public through mechanical devices such as radio, newspaper, television and film (Cagra, 2002). Most sinetron production was centralized in Jakarta, the megalopolis, sometimes involved the betawi tribe. Those kind of depictions have not represented multiculturalism of showbiz. It affects local wisdoms in Indonesia. Thus, in 2016 hopefully Indonesia can improve its sinetron depictions to provide the need of entertainment while paying attention to material choices.

Seputar Indonesia, Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Don’t be Wasteful, Newlyweds!

Newlyweds will expect to have their own place. There are many kinds of comfortable housing, such as a house or apartment. But the Vice Dean of UNAIR Faculty of Economy and Business, Nisfu Laila SE. M.Com., suggested them buy a house because if there is a disaster, the price of the land will be still high. Also, she suggested them to include insurance in their financial planning. Newlyweds should have better financial plan prioritizing the primary needs, secondary needs and so on. They should save some of their incomes to pay their obligations and should never trapped in extravagant lifestyle

Surya, Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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