Padi Members Reunion In Jogja

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Fadly (third from the left) with his fellow alumni of FE IESP Unair 1993 in the reunion.

UNAIR NEWS – Reunion of Economic Sciences and Developmental Study (IESP) Department 1993 alumni from UNAIR Faculty of Economy on January 9 & 10 in Yogyakarta ran well. Themed Back in Time, about 30 alumni met again after 17 years. Two of Padi members, Andi Fadly (vocalist) and Ari Tri Sosianto (guitarist) also came from Jakarta and made the occasion more special.

At 19.30 local time, Jogjakarta song opened the first reunion of FE IESP 1993 at Hotel Jambuluwuk. Nice performance from the band add the reunion loftiness. ’’Thank you for all friends who came a long way to attend this reunion, said Mukas Kuluki, the committee of the FE IESP 1993 reunion.

After the opening song, Fadly and Ari were requested to perform. Fadly who is now active in Musikimia, sang some love songs from Padi. Ternyata, Begitu Indah, Kasih Tak Sampai, Semua Tak Sama, and some other songs successfully took the attendance back in time.

’’Please pray for Padi’s comeback this year,” said Fadly followed with the attendance’s applause.

Other than Padi’s members, there are some company executives, businessmen, public officials and also bureaucrats. Some of them are Head Deputy of Bank Indonesia (BI), Solo Hendik Sudaryanto; Head of BRI Bajawa, Dedy Hendrianto; and Head of Meratus Regional Manado, Ardian Zamroni. There is also the Head of Economic Development Laboratory FEB UNAIR, Dr Wisnu Wibowo.

The later the night, the warmer the situation as dangdut songs from the hotal’s band made the attending alumni shake their bodies. After three hours together, they ended the reunion by singing Kemesraan and Sayonara together.
’’All attending alumni held each others’ hands in a circular way. It got very emotional,’’ Wisnu said.

From leaving the hotel, the groups hung out in angkringan near Tugu Station, Yogyakarta. They talked about a lot of things over coffee and sego macan, reminiscing about the old days. Time flew and showed 02.00 a.m, the group went back to the hotel to rest. (*)

Editor : Binti Q.

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