Various Ways UNAIR Students Spend Holiday

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Foto Ilustrasi: Alifian Sukma/Unair News

UNAIR NEWS – Final exam is over. It’s time for holiday. There are various ways of UNAIR students spend their holidays. For some students, the way they spend holidays depend on their academic activity or they just spend holidays to finish their projects.

Aldi Syahrul Putra, UNAIR Psychology 2014 student, will spend his holiday by joining a plastic model competition held at a shopping center in Surabaya. He has had that kind of hobby since junior high school.

“This holiday, I want to assemble a model (a robot, means of transport, and other kinds) made of plastic. I am going to join show off competition in the end of January,” Aldi said. Aldi also has planned to spend his holiday by learning to drive and going for a trip to Jakarta.

Unlike Aldi, Pipin Tri Anjani, a student of Water Management, UNAIR Faculty of Fisheries and Marine 2012 has planned to concentrate to finish her unfinished thesis. “For me, I’ve planned to manage my research proposal. It’s getting closer to the end of my study and every evening, I also give private lessons. So for this holiday I still can go home to my hometown,” said the girl from Jember.

Other than joining a competition, working on thesis, there are also UNAIR students who spend their holiday by being interns. Lutfi Marzuki, a student of FPK UNAIR, spends his holiday by joining an internship program in an institution in Surabaya.

“I’m joining an internship program in a Public Relations agency. So that I will have more experience and I can write too,” Lutfi said. So, how are you going to spend your holiday?(*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S.
Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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