Six Steps To Increase TOEFL Score

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UNAIR NEWS – In the globalization era, TOEFL score is an important thing. The score of this proficiency test is a requirement to apply for scholarships or for a job. Generally, requested score is 500 or more but that score is already considered quite good.

Students are also expected to be proficient in English because a lot of references are in English. Moreover, Indonesian universities often cooperate with overseas parties. Inevitable, international language must be mastered by civitas academica.

Looking at the fact that English is urgently needed and TOEFL is one way to measure your ability in English, we are going to elaborate some tips to get excellent TOEFL score.

1. Watch Movies and Listen to English Songs

Learning English can be done by watching English movies with English subtitle. Hopefully we can understand the conversation in the movies. It is also good to practice our listening skill. Besides, we can learn some more words or vocabularies. We can also listen to English songs then look for the meaning of the lyrics.

2. Show Determination

Will and confidence are important factors because they will cause eagerness to master English. After that, show your determination. Try to like English and practice more then we can expect for excellent results.

3. Manage Your Study

You need to know yourself well. Do you like reading, watching or listening? Do what makes you feel comfortable and happy when learning. If you like reading, read more English material. If you like listening, listen to English songs. Adapt to your ability and enjoyment. Wake up and sleep early to maximise studying session.

4. Establish English In Your Routine

Rome was not built in a day. Nothing works instantly. Everything needs a process. Studying routinely is a way to accustom ourselves with the test so we can understand it better. If we study often, the knowledge will stick longer in our memories. Do it continuously and do not stop. Because when we stop, the process and the expected result will be different. Karena tidak ada suatu hal yang bisa dikerjakan secara mendadak. Semua butuh proses.

5. Learn More New Words

By adding more vocabularies, it will be easier to understand and comprehend a sentence in English. If there words you do not know well, look them up in google translate, a dictionary or ask a friend to know the exact meaning. But always try to understand a sentence as a whole unity, or a context. Do not translate them word by word.

6. Study the TOEFL Test Format

At least there are 4 forms of test, listening, structure, reading and writing. To practice listening, try to listen a lot of English songs or conversations and try to understand them. To study structure, try to understand the grammar of correct English. To practice reading, read more English passages, news or stories and understand them. For writing, try to write a passage in English, it could be from something you listen to or from your own sentences. With all that practices, our vocabularies will expand significantly. When finally the result is not like we had expected, try to improve which part needs more improvements. (*)

Author: Khansaa K. Najla
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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