Prof. Djoko Santoso, dr., Ph.D., Sp.PD., K-GH giving souvenirs to URI representatives Proffesor Jennifer Gail Audette (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)
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UNAIR NEWS – University of Rhode Island (URI) and UNAIR Global Health Joint Program was held at Room 301 Management Office on Monday, January 11. The program will last for four days (January 11 – 14, 2016) and it was opened by UNAIR Vice Rector I Prof. Djoko Santoso, dr., Ph.D., Sp.PD., K-GH.

“This program does not only about teaching and being taught only, but also about sharing. It is not impossible if there will be more comprehensive joint-research. The program must be useful for UNAIR or University of Rhode Island United States,” he said.

Djoko added that global health problems are mostly related to some aspects such as culture, climate change, and human resources. Those three aspects affect the quality of health around the world. Indeed, the level of them are different but generally, detail researches showed they cannot be separated from those three.

At least 12 students and two professors from URI will share their insights and experiences with civitas academica UNAIR for four days. Prof. Jennifer Gail Audette said that this visit will give us many insights for her students. “Global knowledge is a must in this era. We must be open to any new references from other countries,” she said. “We will enjoy this experience in UNAIR. We will have more friends as well as our insights,” a student of Nursing from URI said.

In four days, there will be medical seminars, sharring sessions, and some visitations such as to Mulyorejo Public Health Center (Puskesmas), UNAIR Hospital, Manyar Sabrangan Integrated Health Service for mother and babies (POSYANDU), Pythopharmacy Laboratory, and UNAIR ITD. In addition, there will be visitation to Mojokerto and Tulungagung to observe the condition of their public health sector. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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