Rector: Make Use of Owned Knowledge through KKN-BBM

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Rektor UNAIR giving KKN Guidebook as a souvenir to Nik Nur Nadiah binti Maqsood Ul-Haque, the representative of foreign students (Photo : UNAIR News)

UNAIR NEWS – As the application of its Tri Dharma, Universitas Airlangga always make efforts to present its students and lecturers in the communities. Through program like rural students social service (KKN) and study in the community (BBM), students are trained to formulate solutions in the community.

Rector UNAIR, Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak., discharged 2,327 students and 112 field supervising lecturers (DPL) to carry out 53rd UNAIR KKN-BBM programs. The procession was held at Airlangga Convention Center, Monday, January 11. It was attended by Vice Rector III, Education Director, the Head of Community Service, Education, Training and Developments Agency (LP4M), the Head of Research and Innovation Agency and so on.

The students and lecturers are carrying out regular KKN-BBM programs in 5 regions, Surabaya (314 students and 18 DPLs), Sampang (481 students and 24 DPLs), Probolinggo (494 students and 23 DPLs), Bojonegoro (507 students and 23 DPLs), and Nganjuk (495 students and 24 DPLs).

In addition, there are 104 students and 5 DPLs carrying out Thematic KKN-BBM Cipta Karya in ten villages of five subdistricts in Surabaya, they are Kecamatan Asemrowo, Bubutan, Krembangan, Semampir, and Simokerto. Among the participants of KKN-BBM UNAIR, there are 36 foreign students, 16 of them are from Malaysia and 20 are from Brunei Darussalam.

In his official address, UNAIR Rector said that their learning process will be more optimal if it is practiced in the real life. “Knowledge is not useful if we do not use it in practical way or implement it. Show your excellence as UNAIR students. Prove it logically, systematically and provide solutions to the community problems,” Prof. Nasih said.

All groups of KKN-BBM will provide social service in four sectors, education, health, productive economy, and environments. It will be carried out from Januari 11 to February 6.

One of UNAIR students, the participant of regular KKN-BBM in Nganjuk, Ganang said that he and his team will do some programs, including health program. “We are going to do Washing Hands and Brushing Teeth program for kids. Hopefully it will make them aware of clean and healthy lifestyle,” Ganang said.

Nur Izatin Asyiqin, a student from Brunei Darussalam, which also carrying out regular KKN-BBM in Nganjuk, said that she and her team will give English training to the locals. “We hope our presence can help them to communicate in English,” Izatin said.

Cipta karya

One new thing from 53rd KKN-BBM ke-53 UNAIR is the implementation of Thematic KKN Cipta Karya in 10 villages of Surabaya. This program is a form of cooperation between UNAIR and Indonesian Ministry of Public Work and Public Housing. In its first implementation, this program will help students to learn with the community in sanitation, clean water processing and housing.

“Special for thematic KKN Cipta Karya, will only be implemented in Surabaya, in ten villages to be précised, because this program is a trial. If it shows positive results, them it will be implemented in all regions,” said the Head of LP4M UNAIR, Prof. Dr. H. Jusuf Irianto, Drs., M.Comm.

In the thematic KKN Cipta Karya program, UNAIR students will facilitate the community to maintain public work projects conducted by the Ministry. “UNAIR provide the human resources and equipments. The targets are cipta karya projects built in Surabaya. The students should facilitate how to empower the community, and make the best use of the projects optimally including its maintenance,” Prof. Jusuf explained.

“The students do not work physically, but if they are asked to facilitae the local community to establish organization for the maintenance of cipta karya projects,” the Professor of FISIP UNAIR added. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma Satiti

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