FKG Canteen Hygiene and Sanitation Feasibility Certified From Health Agency

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Salah satu sudut kantin FKG UNAIR yang tersertifikasi dari Dinas Kesehatan Kota Surabaya. (Foto: Ahalla Tsauro/UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Since 2013, FKG canteen at Campus A UNAIR was certified on Hygiene and Sanitation from Health Agency. Of course this certification was to promote health and also the menu feasibility on the food and drink.

The importance of this certification was based on Minister of Health Decree Number 1098/MENKES/SK/VII/2003 on “Hygiene and Sanitation Requirements of Eating Place and Restaurants”. The certificate is the official document issued by Regional Health Agency to eating place/restaurants which proves them meet the requirements.

The requirements include location and building, sanitary facility, kitchen and storage room, food ingredients and ready-to-eat food processing, utensils and resources (physical or bacterial), and pests rodents control and pets.

“Hygiene and Sanitation Feasibility Certificate” is a form of our seriousness to provide the students need especially on the main aspect of health. In addition, there are trainings for the merchants to always be consistent on their food and drink hygiene, ” said Drs. Abdul Basith, Head of Finance FKG UNAIR.

Susi Erni, one of the merchants in FKG canteen, said that the trainings give her and her fellow merchants new insights. The FKG alumnus Imam Mahmuda said that the certification ensures the students that the food purchased there is not dangerous whatsoever. (*)

Author: Ahalla Tsauro
Editor: Binti Quryatul

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