Sundel Bolong Lost In Banjir Karya Volume 04

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A clock as a decorative ornament is associated with Time Travel. An interpretation of theme Aku Dari Masa Depan (I Am From The Future). (Photo: Dwi Astuti/UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – What happens if a sundel bolong (a female ghost with a hole in her back) is obsessed with satay? Undoubtedly, creepy impression came with this domestic ghost will soon turn into an amusement. Moreover, the ghost identical with long hair and a white dress only got instant noodles with satay flavor.

That was a part of the story of a film Amarah Sundel Bolong (The Wrath of Sundel Bolong) showed at Banjir Karya Volume 04 of Communication Students’ club (HIMAKOM) UNAIR last Friday, January 8. The film successfully made the audience at Soetandyo Building Hall FISIP roar with laughter.

At least there were seven films showed in annual film show which this time the theme was Aku dari Masa Depan (I Am From The Future). Other than a film about Sundel Bolong, there is also a film about tea, Isn’t About Taste of Tea. The film portrayed the reality of life from a boy and a father. They live together but busy with their own routines and so they rarely meet.

One of communication media they used was tea. The boy always made a cup of tea for his father before going to school while the father always made a cup of tea for his son when he arrived home from work. It always happened that way.

The film which was without narration ended with a scene where there was a table and tea was absent on it followed with a scene of the son looking at his fathers’ photograph. The father has gone, passed away.

Students’ Original Works

Films showed in the event were produced by Communications students and Audio Visual Club. They also worked with UKM Cinematography. So, the event itself made the campus feel proud of their achievements.

The head of the committee, Mohammad Assadin Nur, stated that the name Banjir Karya was a form of prayer and hope. A hope that someday UNAIR students can produce films with high-quality and quantity.

“We also designed the showing room as artistic as possible to please the audience. There is also a session which showed behind the scenes of all the films,” he said. (*)

Author: Dwi Astuti
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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