KS Botani Researches and Runs Business on Plants

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Some Himbio students, members of KS Botani (Photo: UNAIR Documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Botany is a field of biological science which learns all about plants. It covers from anatomy, morphology, plant taxonomy to plant biotechnology.

Biology students community (Himbio) from UNAIR Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) has a study group (KS) called Botani. KS Botani was built to facilitate Biology students’ interests on plants. Before it was named KS Botani, it was KS Flora.

KS Flora was established in 1997 by the committee of Himbio 1995. But because  the scope of activity was limited, Flora was changed into Botani  on February 2, 2011.

The community has four divisions. They are Public Relations division, Human Resources Development division, Research division and Entrepreneurship division. In the field of research, KS Botani is actively conducting plants data collection in FST and Campus C environment. In entrepreneurship field, this community sells collection of terrariums (ornamental plants grown in a sealed glass container) and herbariums (dried plants). Collection of terrarium and herbarium were not difficult to preserve. They just need to be watered at long intervals.

One of KS Botani  programs conducted now is green house management at FST UNAIR. The plan is, the green house is for keeping collection of plants belong to Botani. (*)

Author: Warta UNAIR

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