Biology Postgraduate Students To Initiate Community Park

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Taman kreasi warga di yang konsepnya akan diaplikasikan di Surabaya. (Foto: Hamzah Solim)

UNAIR NEWS – M. Hamzah Solim and friends carried out an environmental social service. They were in Biology Young Researcher Community (KIMBI).

The activity was to encourage the local community to grow flowers and spices. The objectives were to create a beautiful environment and to start home based entrepreneurship because blooming flowers can be sold with a good price. At that time, their work coverage areas were some locations in Medan, North Sumatera.

“The flower seeds were plant in used mineral bottles, then hung on walls of alleys or other strategic spots. They were grown for certain few months. During their growth period, we observed them for maximum results. We didn’t disclaim it,” M. Hamzah Solim said.

This year, Hamzah planned to do the same in Surabaya. The student of S2 Biology on Tissue Culture Faculty of Science and Technology stated that first thing to do was forming a team. It could be from Biology students or the community. He had made some approaches to his fellow students and other communities.

“Hopefully in the near future, a team will be formed. For the planning, it wouldn’t be long as long as we work cohesively. Then, we will execute the plan right away,” the LPDP awardee said.

He explained, to realize this idea, full coordination of local community through its RT/RW will be needed. Sponsorship is also needed to support the activity. Thus, all team members are expected to be pro active in their roles.

“While forming a team, I was also approaching local communities. As a start, East Surabaya would be the target area. But it is not impossible to expand to other areas,” he said.(*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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