UNAIR Communication Students To Show Self-Produced Film

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Foto: emaze.com

UNAIRNEWSWatching films is one of many ways to relax. The film pushes the viewers into the story, and they can enjoy the stars’ performances and the audio-visual work presented by the production crews.

Communication Sciences students’ club from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Airlangga will hold their version of film fair titled Banjir Karya Vol. 04. It will be held on Friday, January 8 at 15.00 local time at Soetandyo Hall FISIP UNAIR. It has already been held for three times. It showed self-produced films of UNAIR Communication Sciences students affiliated in AV Himakom club and film production class.

“It will have been four times we held the event, with the upcoming one,” the coordinator, Nafis Achmad said. If you want to watch the films, you just have to come in white and pay Rp 5,000 for a ticket. So, Come and join us!

Author: Defrina Sukma S

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