Prof Agoes Addresses Environmental Issues Through Paintings

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Prof. Agoes Soegianto painting Suramadu Bridge panorama. (Photo: Istimewa)

UNAIR NEWS – Factories with their soaring chimneys stood side by side with lush trees along the coast. A fisherman’s boat spotted at sea. That was how Prof. Dr. Agoes Soegianto, Ir., DEA, portrayed the connection of human and nature in his painting Manusia dan Lingkungan.

Disrupted nature’s balance caused a climate change. The effects are catastrophic as the earth temperature is rising, drought period is getting longer, etc. The same issues were also presented by Prof. Agoes through his painting Dampak Perubahan Iklim.

Agoes did not know where his talent for art came from as both his parents were not artists. But since he was in elementary school he had always been great at drawing subject. When he was in the third grade, his parents were called by his teacher to confirm whether the drawing assignment Agoes had handed in was his own work. And it was indeed Agoes’ work of art.

The Head of Environmental Science and Technology (ITL) study program, Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Unair often draws when he has his free time. “There’s no special allocated time. Because of busy schedule, it takes a week now to finish one painting the fastest,” said the alumnus of Ecotoxicology and Environment, Aix Marseille University, France.

When he was at college, he used to bring home his painting equipments and spend his whole holiday painting. His parents were worried about his study as he made himself busy with his paintings. They thought that he would have neglected his study.

“I couldn’t be carefree with their trusts given to me. When it was time to study, then I focused to my study,” said the writer of Method of Predicting Water Pollution through Biological Indicators. He admitted that he often got inspiration to paint when he was doing researches on sites. When there was an interesting object, such as dry agricultural fields, he took some pictures for his paintings’ ideas.

Writer: Inda Karsunawati

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