Medcafe, Eating Spot With Hygienic and Healthy Food at FK

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“Tomoko Sushi & Bento Rice” one of the vendors at Medical Cafe FK UNAIR. (Photo: Unair News)

UNAIR NEWS – When it is time for lunch time, where else would you go if not for eating spot such as food stalls, canteen or snack food center (pujasera). This lunch break is also expected by the students. Even though there is a minority group of students which prefer to bring food from home, the availability of eating spots is necessary for others.

In Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR, there is a canteen which is often crowded with visitors called Medical Café also known as Medcafe FK Unair. The word “Medical” of course related with its location at the campus of medicine.

Thus, the name Medical Café was appropriate and chosen for the eating spot managed by academic business unit (SUA) FK Unair. It was expected not only to merely be eating spot but also served as a prototype of medical sector which put hygiene and health priorities.

Medcafe was established as a facility for lecturers, employees, and students. Officially, it was opened for business in Februari 2010 by the FK Dean then, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amin, dr.Sp.P(K). The building was divided into some rooms with total area was 200 m2.

In the same manner as other canteen, Medcafe offers varied menu of food and drink with reasonable price. Most of the food were heavy meals such as popular Soto Lamongan, meatballs (bakso), all sorts of Javanese food like nasi campur, and gudeg. There is also juice made of fresh fruit, Chinese food and special Japanese food like sushi.

Medcafe not only offers comfortable place to eat and extensive menu but it is also managed with standards of hygiene. (sef/bin)

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