In Need of Inspiration, Senior High Students Visits UNAIR

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One of the students speaking his mind during their visit at UNAIR. (Photo: Unair News)

UNAIR NEWS – On Tuesday, January 1, Universitas Airlangga received students from two different schools. They are from SMAN 1 Sumberrejo Bojonegoro and SMA PGRI 2 Jombang. Information and Public Relations division (PIH) UNAIR officially welcomed them at Kahuripan Hall 300 in UNAIR Management Building.

The first visiting school students from SMAN 1 Sumberrejo Bojonegoro was received at 08.00. They are Class XII students both from science and social class, with their teachers and counseling staff.

SMAN 1 Sumberrejo Bojonegoro visits UNAIR every year in order to introduce the campus, Universitas Airlangga, especially its academic life to the high school students. In the reception, the secretary of PIH UNAIR, Dr. Eduardus Bimo Aksono H, drh., M.Kes., introduced UNAIR to the students and then followed by asks and answers session.

“Hopefully our students are inspired to follow the alumni’s steps (who have been accepted or have succeeded, red). Some were accepted and became scientists, doctors, lawyers. All of them were to build our beloved nation,” said Nurul Qomariah, a counseling staff, in her speech.

The second group was 114 students from SMA PGRI 2 Jombang. They were received at 10.00. Sugiarto as the headmaster of the school conveyed their objectives of the visit. Not only to introduce UNAIR and to gain more knowledge on UNAIR to the class XII students, but he also hope that his students could be accepted in the future.

Alhamdulillah some of our alumni have studied at UNAIR, some of them also have graduated with satisfactory results,” he said. In agreement to her headmaster, Ilma Churatunnisa, one of the students with great achievements also hoped that she could continue her study in the oldest campus in East Java.

“I am interested to study here not only because its good quality, but also because my mom was UNAIR alumnus,” said the student who wanted to study in Medical Education UNAIR. (binti quryatul)

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