KPLA, Future Doctor Club With Adventurers

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Some members of KPLA FK UNAIR posing during a social service. (Photo: Unair News)

UNAIR NEWS – Nature will always give us lessons. As humans, more or less we should understand the condition of the environment, so that our life is better. That idea was well understood by every member of Aesculap Nature’s Review Community (KPLA) FK UNAIR.

The community was originated from some students from nature’s lovers of FK UNAIR which then established Medical Aid Team (TBM) KPLA FK UNAIR on September 4, 1989. “One of the doctors who initially formed KPLA was dr. Eri Dewanto. They wanted to channeled FK students’ love to nature,” dr. Prananda Surya Airlangga, M.Kes., Sp.An.KIC, KPLA supervisor said.

They followed their hobby on nature, enjoy it by hiking, observing sulfur miners and from that they got their calling to do researches and review the nature with their expertise by forming TBM. “In reviewing an environment, they are going to different environment. That will train them to be ready when they go into remote society,” the anesthesia specialist said.

Being a KPLA member is training to be a strong and reliable doctor. Other than survival training in nature, every member of KPLA will be introduced to a lot of medical lessons at first, so their experience and skills will be honed well.

“FK students will get the same lessons we teach, but in KPLA, they will get them earlier and more frequent. Automatically will get more experiences and more skillful at them,” Rafaela Andira Ledyastatin, Head of KPLA 2015 said.

KPLA is a medical family with strong bond. They teach their members meaningful life with four pillars; brotherhood, teamwork, never giving up and one goal. Furthermore, the seniors with experiences as residents and specialists supervise their juniors and make KPLA strong and well-developed.

“The seniors are always willing to help us. Most of them are specialists and resident doctors. They always assist their juniors. I even had real practice to circumcise,” said Anastasha Puspagita, the fourth semester KPLA member.

Aesculap social service

Every year, KPLA always hold a social service Gelar Bakti Aesculap. It is a part of regeneration phase of KPLA members. In the service, young members will meet doctors from any batches to be medical resources.

Last year social service was held at Petung Village, Panceng district, Gresik, one remote village rarely had social visit. “The locals were enthusiastic. A lot of people came in the opening and more came on the D-day and it was quite overwhelming at that time,” Ledy, the head of KPLA, said.

The village was chosen because it is remotely located. Road access was not easy and it seemed like the village needed it as it was rarely chosen for social services. Ledy noticed other villages around were also need the services. It is likely that they will go there again next year.

Ledy could see the locals’ enthusiasm and it meant that their awareness of healthy life was increasing and they should be facilitated. From the sam activity, he realized KPLA’s strength.

“Great thing about KPLA, I was amazed too, was with only limited resources and people, we could concept that social service well. There was a free clinic, mass circumcision, cataract screening, cervical cancer screening, and counseling sessions,” said Ledy proudly.

In campus, TBM KLPA was known well. Almost every month they got requests from various events. Such as PPKMB, sports events, and so on. “It’s a part of the wealthy KLPA. Experience is the best teacher for me. When we handle patients, lucky for us, we had more experiences,” Ledy said. (has/dss)

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