In Love with Surabaya, UNAIR Sociology Alumnus Writes Book

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Book Surabaya Punya Cerita Volume 2 1/2.

UNAIR NEWS – Dhahana Adi Pungkas also known as Ipung, UNAIR Sociology Alumnus has been deeply in love with Surabaya. To this extent, he published a book Surabaya Punya Cerita Volume 1 in 2013. Last November, another “sequel” of the book was published by the author who often stays up at night. It was titled Surabaya Punya Cerita Volume 21/2.

Some might ask, why it has to be volume 21/2 when the previous book was Volume 1. It was actually a way from the author to be different from other books. He believed that after volume 1 does not have to be volume 2. Ipung wanted to make a refreshing sequel unlike any other books before.

Dhahana Adi Pungkas. (Photo:
Dhahana Adi Pungkas. (Photo:

“A History and a story of a city should be packaged in an attractive way. The objective, of course not to make readers feel bored and unwilling to understand the topic,” Ipung explained.

In those two books, Ipung wrote everything about Surabaya. From A to Z. He hoped that he could write the next book for the series. In Surabaya Punya Cerita Volume 21/2 , there was a mini-biography of Iqbal Rais. He is a young film-maker from Surabaya who has died. Iqbal according to Ipung, was an inspiring figure for students currently at Unair Cinematography Club.

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