UNAIR To Reach Top World University

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UNAIR NEWS – Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) has appointed UNAIR to reach 500 Top World Universities in 2019 based on QS World University Rankings (QS – WUR). To aim for it, Kemenristek Dikti will allocate Rp 5 billion. The fund will be used to fulfill the university requirements, so later can be used to fund programs in need of improvements.

“Reaching 500 Top World universities is an indicator for international acknowledgement. The better the rank, the more it indicates the university has played its role on the criteria according to QS-WUR. Reputable graduates and quality of the publications, those are what we need to improve,” said Rector UNAIR Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, SE, MT,Ak.

Regarding the ranking and Kemenristek Dikti’s target for UNAIR, Prof. Nasih emphasized the importance of performance indicators of the methodology rather than the ranking itself.
“QS – WUR is only a means to see how the world sees us. I, myself, in the end would expect this university to show quality and make real contribution in science and civilization development; contribute substantially in promoting the intellectual life of the nation, and for these graduates. That is the output we expect. If we can do that, consequently our ranking will be better,” Prof. Nasih said.

“It is not about the rankings. But how we can be better,” he insisted.

UNAIR Steps To Reach 500 Top World Universities

Sectors which need improvements are scientific journals and science development, scientific publications, lecturers to students ratio and study program accreditations. Study programs which has accredited A, should be motivated to get A accreditation. Also study programs accredited A should be motivated to get International accreditation. Reputable graduates were also targeted to reach top 500 universities.

“We expect better quality. One good way or indicator for it is accreditation. If we can get international accreditation, it means the world acknowledges our education. We all have to aim better accreditation,” he said.

Scientific publication is one indicator used by QS – WUR for its rangkings methodology. According to Prof. Nasih, all programs which assist UNAIR to reach Top 500 World University will be supported.

“First, teaching program will be reduced, so the lecturers have time for researches. More teaching staff should be recruited. Paper writing will be assisted. We will exploit our Scientific Journals Development and Publication Center. It’s an effort to encourage lecturers to do more researches, write research papers with enough quality to be published in an accredited and indexed scientific journals,” Prof. Nasih added.

In his opinion, the number of teaching staff should be increased so the lecturers will have time to read, do research and write scientific paper. “Research as one part of the institution’s Tri Dharma should never be forgotten,” Prof. Nasih insisted.

Lecturers to students ratio should also be considered. According to Prof. Nasih, ideally, lecturers to students ratio is 1:20 for social studies and 1:15 or 1:10 for science. With more scientific journal publications, we contribute in developing science and knowledge. Ideal lecturers to students ratio means better educational process. Reputable graduates work in international company also means the university has succeeded in shaping individuals which contribute in the society.

“We expect reputable graduates, better academic process, and extensive science development,” Prof. Nasih insisted.

The struggle will not stop at Top 500 World University. As Prof. Nasih has said, even the target achieved, we should not relax and stop for higher achievements. Excellence improvement should always be done so we would not be left behind other universities in the competition. Achievements reached should also be maintained. Perjuangan pencapaian tentunya tak berhenti pada 500 dunia. Seperti kata Prof Nasih, meskipun nantinya pencapaian telah dilakukan tak lantas kita bersantai-santai dan berhenti mengejar pencapaian. Peningkatkan keunggulan harus terus dilakukan agar tidak tertinggal dengan perguruan tinggi lain yang ikut bersaing. Prestasi yang telah dicapaipun agar tetap dipelihara.

“The government targeted 2019. We have to be optimistic. At the latest we’ll reach Top 500 in 2020, Insya Allah,”Prof. Nasih said in certainty. (bin)

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